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The vineyards of our winery have been inherited and transferred over 4 generations of the Marqués family. Like these vineyards, the houses of our ancestors have been passed down from generation to generation, for more than 100 years.
It has been in recent years that the family made the decision to partially restore the homes, to create spaces in which we can meet and allow our clients and friends to enjoy the environment and our products.
This house, which has been named following tradition and family name, is the first house in which our ancestors resided, living as in many other cases with part of the cattle

Bodegas Manuel Carreño | Catas | La Casa de la Carreña
Nosotros: About Us


The Carreña house is a space integrated into the winery area. This space was kept in oblivion for many years, more than 40 years, in disuse and partially destroyed. It was less than 5 years ago when it was decided to rebuild and enable, in which all the typical elements of the time have been perfectly preserved.

Today, and in constant change and improvement, we are very happy to be able to share with everyone who appreciates it, this and the rest of our spaces, for any type of event.
So far, all kinds of gastronomic events have been held for groups of up to 30 people.

Bodegas Manuel Carreño | Catas | La Casa de la Carreña
Nosotros: About


TThe elaboration of our wines and the treatment they are given, maintains the old customs as well as trying to maintain at the Casa de la Carreña.

This space maintains a traditional wood oven and barbecue to hold meetings in the purest old and rural style.
With this it is possible to elaborate and prepare barbecue or any type of cuisine that you are willing to do. In the case that it is preferred, the food can be borne by the winery and you will only have to prepare to put it on the fire or in the oven.

In this way we want to evoke past times and preserve a unique space, cared for with care that we make available to our clients who want a different environment, and feel at home.

Bodegas Manuel Carreño | Catas | La Casa de la Carreña


The original wood-fired oven has been kept in good condition over the years so only a small fix has been carried out.
This wood-burning oven, which is over 100 years old, is an old type and therefore the way of working with it is also.
The firewood is introduced into the oven to make the fire, and heat the oven.

Once the temperature inside it is adequate, this firewood is removed and the food to be prepared is introduced.
As you can guess, it is an art, which can then be enjoyed in the best possible way, eating and savoring the best gastronomy in the area, watered by the best wines directly from the winery.

Bodegas Manuel Carreño | Catas | La Casa de la Carreña


the reconstruction of the Carreño house took more than 2 years. Part of the walls have been rebuilt in the same way as the original walls, keeping the old structural elements to the maximum.

All the wood and roof structure is old, with old slate, as well as the floor.
All doors and windows are kept restored, starting from the original material.
In order to maximize the habitability of the space we have integrated a large smoke extraction through the original fireplace,

On old slate we have arranged our grill, in which the embers will be made to enjoy all kinds of barbarcoa.
As it is perceived in every detail, we wanted to give the best impression of ancient life and of the customs that are increasingly forgotten.

Bodegas Manuel Carreño | Catas | La Casa de la Carreña


The kitchen in the Casa de la Carreña is one of the parts that keeps the old essence 100%.
All the shelves are integrated in the wall, with slate, like the rest of the elements such as sinks or plate.
It is undoubtedly a place where you feel part of the rural history of our past.

The adobe walls integrate seamlessly with the ancient stone structure with bearing walls and columns.
The decoration in this space is closely linked to the field and tillage work, so there are details of horseshoes, farm implements ...
The Carreña house has a spindle from an old wine press, made of wood, which is kept in good condition and links the house to life in the vineyards and the viticulture and winemaking process.

The house has the old photo album and the reconstruction process that takes until today. The passage of time on many occasions helps to value and bet on the old and different. In other words, it helps to bet on your roots.

Bodegas Manuel Carreño | Catas | La Casa de la Carreña
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