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The vineyards of our Winery have been inherited and transferred over 4 generations.

They last more than 100 years in some of the vineyards, the oldest

The zone and the height where the vineyards are located, between 500 and 700 meters, make than our grapes have the best conditions to bear balanced wines with body.

The quality of our wines coming from Bierzo area is based on the care for our vineyards.

The amount of grape for each vineyard stock is limited by a thorough pruning process, giving rise to an optimum quality, that we try to show in our wines.

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The advantage of cultivating your own vineyards is the knowledge you can get from your raw material.

That raw material keeps a constant tendency through the years in terms of ripening and acidity, allowing harvest in the correct and precise moment, making sequence of the same in order to get the best quality from each vineyard.

The harvest is tried to be minimized on time so that the effort for a quick harvest is made, avoiding any kind of inclemency and ease the barreling on each barrel. The collection of grapes is made on 10-20 kg crates, that help us to keep the grapes in perfect conditions , avoiding any kind of oxidation prior barreling

The harvest process is manual and made intensively within 2-3 days for the Mencía grapes and 1-2 days additional for the Godello grape.

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The elaboration of our wines start with the selection of the grapes.
We choose each crate received in our winery according to its quality and status, looking for the maximum quality in our wines.

These grapes are barreled in stainless steel barrels where macerated during several days leading to cherry tones with purple violet lights, high layer. During all of that process is indispensable the care and dedication given to watering the marc cap. That will bring tannins and polyphenols that will build the basis features of our wines.

The temperature will be controlled constantily during the alcoholic fermentation that will take between 2 and 3 weeks.

During the malolactic fermentation our wines will take the lactic notes which combined with aromatic secondary tones of dark berries will define main pillars of the wine tasting.

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