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Differentiation and subsequent presentation is a very important work in today's market, so the presentation of our wines is done in a particular way. The letter that explains our wine on each label is a product of Manuel's handwriting, his letter, his signature, give name and form to our product. And it is not this other than the best name that can be given to a wine, that of its creator and caretaker.

Our initials MC are shown in the labels, being our wine M de Mencía, M for Manuel, his name, M for Marqués, family name, and M for Mencía, native variety giving name to our wines.

The white wine, Carreño Godello, shows the C for Carreño family name. That is our way to differentiate our wines just at a glance, showing precedence, character and history.

We have a very limited production, we grow our vines and make our wines in the highest quality, keeping the traditions that Manuel dictates, and which are the key to achieving this unique wine. Bodegas Manuel Carreño is committed to the production in LIMITED EDITION, in order to assess the effort, dedication and quality that always involves a thorough elaboration.

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